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Comparing three numerical solvers of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation

A quick comparison of Trotter-Suzuki-MPI, GPELab, and GPUE for simulating the evolution of Bose-Einstein Condensates

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Random number generation with C++11 and VSL

Benchmarking the speed of random number generation in C++11 with GCC and with VSL and ICC.

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CuBlas matrix multiplication with C-style arrays

Getting around Fortran-style array indexing in CuBlas from C code without transponation. Bonus Thrust vector casting added.

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Summing the entries of a matrix using a stencil with Thrust

Thrust-based summing of the elements of a submatrix at a given offset according to a stencil.

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Argmin on the rows of a matrix with Thrust

A detailed description of how to use Thrust reduce by key to calculate the argmins of the rows of a matrix

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