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The horror of Juniper VPN

We waste tax payers money on an outrageously bad piece of VPN software that also opens backdoors for government and industrial espionage.

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Alarming state of browsing academic material anonymously

Cookies, browser-fingerprinting, tracking, and blocking of Tor exit nodes are becoming standard strategies while reading abstracts and exporting citations.

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Running Arch Linux from an SD Card on an iMac

Why would you use the spyware operating system installed on an iMac when you can run Arch Linux from an SD card?

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Full-page ad by NSA in the Communications of the ACM

ACM's relationship with NSA is far tighter than one could wish.

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ACM wants you to be spied on

ACM member's forwarding email address must undergo filtering by Google. Your email correspondence cannot escape the attention of NSA.

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